Adrian's Music

Flexible Schedules, Two Locations, Reasonable Rates

I love teaching. It is one of the most important things I do. Beginners through advanced players are all welcome in my studio.

Which class is right for you?

Lead Guitar for the Rhythm Guitarist
Spruce up your rhythm playing with fun little riffs. Improvise a solo. We will have fun learning great techniques to take your playing to a whole new level.

Intermediate Guitar
Do you know basic open chords? That’s all you need to join in on the fun. Come play with us!

Beginning Guitar
If you’ve never played guitar before, this is the class for you. We will be playing a song by the end of the first class.

Playing Well with Others
All instruments welcome. Learn to be a leader and a follower in a safe and fun group situation. Enjoy the pleasure of making music with others.


I teach music in NE Portland in a beautiful space on Albina close to Portland Community College. I offer expert instruction that's a heckuva lotta fun! Private lessons and group instruction are offered. There's a beautiful performance space as well. Learn more about guitar, voice, ukulele, piano or join in group jams/lessons.

 I also teach in SE Portland. I’ve been teaching guitar lessons, giving workshops and performing at Artichoke Music in SE Portland, OR. for the past several years. The people there are amazing, caring, giving, musical and smart. It’s the most wonderful business I’ve ever been associated with. Artichoke Music is now a non-profit School of Music. The Music Café continues to feature some of the best live performances you can see.

Artichoke School of Music offers classes through most of the year with as many as 30 classes each term. There are a wide range of offerings in guitar, banjo, ukulele, ensemble classes and more. Artichoke as also offers weekend workshops. Please check out the fun new stuff:

**Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates Available**

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