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I turned 50 and found myself writing this song. Well, my Match.com membership fee is now tax deductible. Research!


I’m 50 years old on Match.com

There’s plenty of fish but there’s algae in the pond    

I'm trying to catch a good one but I’m runnin’ out of line

I’m runnin’ out of options and I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’ out of time


Girlygirl50 – aww, her picture’s so pretty

Wants a real manly man who lives in the city

He’s got have a Harley cuz she just likes to ride

But has to be in touch w/ his feminine side




Polyanna is 29- her glass is half full and she’s feeling so fine

She has a zest for life, she’s seeks her inner child

Her Mohawk is blue but it was pink in the past

She got a smiley face tattoo on the crack of her ass




Teddybear42 , she wants a man in a business suit

Who’s grounded and practical, with a positive attitude

A fun loving corporate professional who is emotionally available,

financially stable but mostly for-saleable.




B.B.bumble- she wants a man who’s confident yet humble

A peace loving man, but one who’s ready to rumble

She wants a serious man who knows how to laugh

A worldly man with no girls in his past

A down to earth guy who can reach up and touch the stars

An independent man, but man, she wants to know where you are

A simple man but who is none too cursory

A handy man, to build a nursery?


Aww I’m 50 years old on Match.com

The odds are pretty good but the goods are kind of odd

I’m trying to find a good one but I’m runnin’ out of lines

I’m runnin’ out of patience and I’m runnin’, I’m runnin’ out of time

Adrian Martin


Title track from the full length studio CD.

Adrian Martin


Live Dive at The Balcony- Oxford Ohio

Ed Dougherty-Tenor Sax

Jon Reiff- Bass

Pete Davidson- Drums

Adrian Martin- Guitar

Adrian Martin


From the studio CD "Is It OK?".

Adrian Martin Sextet


Recorded live at Artichoke Cafe 

Adrian Martin- guitar

Gene Arnell- drums

Kevin Deitz- upright bass

Mike Horsfall- vibraphone

Time Jensen- Clarinet


Adrian Martin Sextet


Recorded live at Artichoke Cafe

Featuring Susan Sandel on vocals

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